Tuesday, February 23, 2010

OOH an expired pie!

Brittany and I went to Costco today to buy some more KB socks and gum but we got oh so much more! The sample carts were out and we were hungry! we stopped by a few until our eyes met with Otis Spunkmeyer cookies! such a delight.  we scurried over to the tiny table to wait for them to come out of the easy bake oven.  i looked down at the tray to see that there was grease stains on the wax paper showing that the cookies are not cut into small sample pieces, no, they are completely round whole cookies given away. hot. straight from the oven, and for free. could the day get any better? honestly?  we anxiously waited our turn, there were 3 other young teens before us, not a problem, the tray had 6. the minute that tray was raised to put the mouth watering Otis cookies on the table  i heard coming from behind me shuffling small feet and the low hum of a little old man on a motorized cart. before i could even think the cookies were gone! i looked up to see with dismay an old lady and the little old man devouring MY cookies! now if you did your math right you'd be asking, where is the 6th cookie? a lady in her early 80's snatched it out from under us and in all her excitement she dropped it! i KNOW i wouldn't have done that. being old, i guess she assumed she had privileges, and she demanded the next cookie that was ready.  a swarm of 80 year olds, half walking half crippled, and 15 minutes later we finally got our cookies.  worth every push and shove.
we then headed over for the frozen foods, the ravioli! there was a not so strapping young man, due to apron and hairnet, giving the samples.  he told us that they wouldn't be ready for another 3-4 minutes. no problem. this time, we decided to be aggressive. while we waited we complained about the previous sample table, demanding to not relive it again. i, in my rather loud voice, told him all about the lady who dropped the cookie and how greedy she was demanding the next one... to my embarrassment she was right behind me! this sent us in an uproar... the little old man in the motorized cart then came quickly... then the shuffling.. these elderly are quick! the sample man was so amused by us, he said he was new in town.  he needed fun things to do and asked if we liked to go clubbing.. he then asked us if we knew anyone who could help him find things to do.. i KNEW this was a pick up line.  rapidly the last 3 minutes of conversation summarized in my head: Costco sample worker, club-er, 28, moving to Utah so he wouldn't get in "trouble" in California, beach trips on Sundays after Sacrament, and single for a reason popped into my head. intriguing? i think not. i decided to play it cool, dumb and dumber style, and tell him there are many fun people at UVU who i'm sure would be happy to help him tomorrow in class.

we then walked away eating our hot ravioli, leaving him and the elderly in the dust. together.
Thank you Costco for taking my $60 in exchange for conditioner, gum, and toilet paper.
and i thought i went there to save.

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