Wednesday, March 10, 2010

imma B

so after my encounters with Max, Randolph, Kevin, and a few others my brothers have been pretty worried about me giving out my number so nonchalant.. Today when i was walking home from school i saw down the road the one and only B Money A 38 year old "rap artist" who walks the streets of Provo selling T-shirts and Cd's.  His latest Cd titled: "From Bling to Riches".  I  tried avoiding him but he crossed the street at the perfect time and landed right in my way... there he was, in all his glory.  he informed me that he was "too small for his britches" and he wanted my number...  that was seriously our whole conversation. thinking back to my brothers advice... i gave him Kyle's. he then, on the side of the road, took my picture (for the contact number of course), told me he'd hit me up, and gave me a high five & left wearing his "I'm so Hood" t-shirt...

sorry kyle! B will be calling you to chill sometime shortly.


  1. so, B called me last night and was undeterred when he found out I wasn't meghan. he proceeded to ask me to "party" a number of times. i think the words "chill" and/or "kick it" were used as well. I told him some other time, and that I'd bring meghan. I then saved him in my phone as "Bee Money" and probably won't answer again. Or I will let Jenny answer. Sorry, B.